Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Edie Damsell

I've set up this site; mainly to share Gran's 'life story' - (which only goes up to when she met Bill!) that she typed out in CAPITAL LETTERS on her old typewriter; for me.

My friend Susie typed this into a computer (and cried while reading it) some time ago, .. I never wanted the story to end, but here it is.
I hope that we can use it to start more stories, and everbody in the family, or who ever knew her.

To start things off - I'll post some bits from her funeral service, and party afterwards- which she would have loved to come to. -- Kids playing, Lee showing his Bum, Granfer in a Red Hot Chilli Peppers Hat;

We'll all miss her - but now is time to enjoy and share the memories

Here goes!

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